Oh sweetheart…

Do get out of your tiny,narrow-minded basement sometime and breathe some reality.

This old queer fart hasn’t been in the closet for, oh, thirty five years or more – since I was fifteen.

Me and my two partners (gasp) found this movie delightful.

Yes, of course we picked up on what was happening with that relationship between the two male mythical creatures.

We didn’t bemoan the fact that the three protagonists “failed” to form a “throuple” (what fucking awful clumsy word; we’re a triple). We didn’t bellyache about representation because we’re old enough and have enough experience of, you know, life to understand that seeing everything through that lens is the best way to become the kind of narrow minded judgemental twerp that we all despise.

We loved it because it was true to the experience of young lads getting crushes on each other. Young lads not understanding what that is. Young lads getting jealous and pouty. Young lads being friends who learn to give each other room for their own ambitions. Young, dumb, inexperinced people who grow into good people…

We’re also not so puritanically up ourselves that we demand that any pre-teen crush become a dour sermon on the only acceptable form of story that you seem to want it to be.

The very fact that the film left the entire thing open-ended and didn’t demand “resolution” or “closure” on the various innocent relationships it charted was one of the most delightful things about it.

Go and look up the word “applicability” when you’ve got a moment away from trying to force the world into your own image like some dictatorial bent Christian moralist.

Burned out conservationist queer Australian with an English accent. Don’t ask, I might tell…

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